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About Us

Here at UCSD Mock Trial we provide a community for not only aspiring law students, but also communicative experience to those interested in pursuing other fields.

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competitive court room simulation where participants in collegiate mock trial assume the roles of both attorneys and witnesses to compete against other schools around the country in full "mock" trials. Attorneys will provide opening and closing statements, as well as direct/cross examining witnesses. The witnesses will play a multitude of roles while getting into character before being asked questions from both teams. A judge will listen to both teams present their argument before making a final ruling along with other scoring judges on who won the trial.

Case Theory

Upon receiving the trial case for the year, team members come together to brainstorm a strategical approach on how to prosecute or defend based upon the charges.

Trial Prep

After solidifying a strategy statements, direct examinations, and cross examinations are written out to match the case theory. Attorney-Witness pairings practice in order to make sure everything goes right for the trial.


It's Trial Day! After weeks of practice teams compete against other schools, and it all comes down to presentation/argumentation to make sure your side wins!


Judges watch both sides present their case before scoring based on select criteria of: content, presentation, character, and on the spot decision-making.

Our Vision

Our organization competes against universities across the nation in tournaments sanctioned by the American Mock Trial Association. We aim to provide UCSD students with access to firsthand experience in a competitive courtroom setting by cultivating writing abilities, enhancing public speaking skills, and maintaining professionalism. In the past few years Mock Trial at UC San Diego has  placed at the national level.  Our goal is to expand our already successful program through team unity, honorable conduct, and an exceptional work ethic.

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